DCIM Lite – Alternative DCIM Thinking

Traditional DCIM software plays a vital role in the management of data centre environments but deciding on what you actually want from a DCIM solution can be a lengthy process. However, the rapid deployment of a cost-effective ‘DCIM Lite’ package, perhaps as an interim solution, will enable you to gain immediate benefits whilst providing you with time to consider your longer term requirements.

What is ‘DCIM Lite’?  

DCIM Lite is a software solution that contains many features that are similar to those of a full-blown DCIM package but at a fraction of the cost and implementation time. Our new PYXIS DCIM Lite can be user-installed and configured and a free trial is available for download on request.

PYXIS DCIM Lite Key Features:

  • Central monitoring of IT Infrastructure via SNMP and Modbus TCP (UPS, BMS, AC units, Generators, Rectifiers, Environmental monitoring devices, Power monitoring devices, etc., etc.)
  • Visual map-based monitoring and control
  • Quick and easy ‘drill-down’ alarm analysis
  • Flexible alert management facility
  • Alerts sent via Email, SMS & Telephone Voice (using optional modem), audio visual alarm beacon and SNMPset Command
  • IP Camera Integration
  • Optional SQL database integration for use with large numbers of connected sensors (recommended for 1000+ sensors)

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