iMeter Lite - Server Room Monitoring
Monitor, Alert, Protect & Manage

The iMeter Lite network-based environmental monitoring device has been designed to watch over your server room & other critical environments and alert you to potential problems before disaster strikes. It is an easy-to-use yet extremely flexible monitoring solution with sensors and alerting options to suit many requirements.

Monitor Environmental Conditions...

The device has 4 x Ports which can function as sensor inputs or relay outputs. Sensors available include:

Water Detection
Smoke Detection
Security Sensor
Power Failure
Dry Contact
Motion PIR
Thermocouple (extreme temperature range for freezers, cold stores, etc.)

Protect Your Critical Environments…

The iMeter Lite is used worldwide to protect your Server Rooms, Data Centres, Offices, Storage Units, Restaurants, Laboratories and many more. Depending on user requirements and sensor types the iMeter Lite can be used to protect your critical environments against:

Air-Conditioning Failure
Water Leaks
Security Breaches
Power Failure
Humidity Spikes
Hardware Failure

Custom Alerting Procedures...

iMeter-Lite uses a powerful alert-management interface that enables notification routing to be tailored to all types of organisational requirements. Users can be alerted to problems via:

Alarm Beacon
Dry-Contact Relay Output
SNMP Traps sent to existing systems
SMS text messages and Telephone Voice alerts (using optional internal modem)

The alerting matrix allows customised alerts to be sent to key personnel. For example, if a temperature problem is experienced, an alert can be sent directly to on-call staff. Users can also define custom escalation procedures helping to ensure that any threats to network infrastructure are dealt with before any serious problems are caused.

Monitor Network Equipment...

The iMeter-Lite also has a Virtual Sensor feature that allows the device to collect data from other devices via SNMP or Modbus (optional license). The device has the capacity for up to 40 x Virtual Sensors (5 x Virtual Sensors included as standard) all of which utilise the same central notification system as physical sensors, meaning that alerts can be sent via Email, SNMP, SMS & Relay Output. Typical uses include:

Gathering environmental data from other Jacarta devices to create a central monitoring and alerting hub
Integrating existing SNMP-enabled systems such as UPS, VESDA and AC Units in order to monitor their status from a central location and utilise the iMeter-Lite alerting systems in the event of a problem
Pinging network hardware so that alerts can be sent out in the event of downtime
  • 4 x Sensor Ports - all ports function as sensor inputs and relay outputs
  • Configuration via web browser interface - no additional software required
  • Compatible sensors include: Temperature/Humidity, Water Detection, Smoke Detection, Security Sensor, Power Failure, Dry Contact, Motion PIR, Airflow, Thermocouple (extreme temperature range)
  • Virtual Sensor feature - monitor other SNMP-enabled network equipment & trigger alerts
  • Modbus TCP/IP compatible (with optional license)
  • SNMP v1/2c (v3 optional)
  • Real-time data graphing and event logging
  • Flexible and customisable alerting matrix
  • Alerts to alarm conditions sent via: Email, SMS Text Message and Telephone Voice (GSM Modem version-only), SNMP, Local Alarm Beacon, Relay Output
  • Automatic integration with Jacarta PYXIS DCIM Lite software for large installations
  • Secure multi-level password access
  • Small form factor to minimise rack-space usage
  • 1-Year Warranty (extended warranty options available)
  • Free technical support via telephone and email

Temperature and Humidity Sensor
The combined Temperature & Humidity sensor is small and discreet and allows you to monitor both environmental conditions using a single sensor input. The sensor can be provided with a waterproof housing for use in harsh environments.

Water Detector
The Water Detector uses an advanced leak detection cable to sense the presence of water along its length. The water detector can be custom-built with up to 30m of water detecting sensor cable and up to 30m of interface cable.

Security Sensor
The Security Sensor can be used to detect the opening of doors, racks, windows and cupboards. A time delay can be added to the alarm so that an alert is only sent if a door/window is left open beyond a certain amount of time.

Dry Contact Cable
The Dry Contact Cable can be used to connect the iMeter to any third-party device where dry contact outputs are available, such as UPS, VESDA, BMS Systems and AC Units.

Smoke Detector
The Smoke Detector is a mains powered, ionisation based smoke detection unit that can be positioned to monitor for early signs of fire, triggering an iMeter alert and an audible alarm upon detection.

Also available…

  • Motion Detection
  • Airflow
  • Power Failure
  • Temperature Only
  • Thermocouple (for extreme temperature conditions)

All Go-Probe Sensors are manufactured in the UK and can be built with custom interface cable lengths (up-to 30m) to suit your requirement.

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