ZonePod v2 - Network Independent Environmental Monitoring and Alerting

ZonePod is a feature-rich, versatile, yet cost-effective environmental monitoring and alarm notification system. Equipped with 6 sensor ports, ZonePod can accommodate a number of different sensor types.

ZonePod alarm notification is provided in the form of voice and text messages - alerts can be sent via the landline telephone connection or GSM Dialler (optional) providing fail-safe alerting. ZonePod can be used wherever environmental threats such as power failure, fire, water leaks, air conditioning failures, security breaches, etc. need to be quickly acted upon. ZonePod can even activate outputs to trigger automated actions when alarms occur.

ZonePod can be used effectively in an extensive range of applications and locations including:

IT rooms (SNMP / web adaptor available)
Schools / colleges
Small and large offices
Water Leak Detector
Homes (wine cellars, home offices, larders, washrooms and bathrooms)
Sports clubs / pavilions
Holiday villas / apartments
Public houses / restaurants

The standard ZonePod package is supplied with a 12VDC power adaptor and a telephone lead for quick and easy installation. Screw slots are provided so that the ZonePod can be wall-mounted, and "snap-in" sensors can be connected to the underside of the unit.

ZonePod sensors are instantly recognised by the device to minimise installation time, and these sensors can be used in any combination. You can choose to install up to 6 sensors of the same type if you so wish, or a mixture of power, smoke, security, temperature, humidity, water and alarm panel/universal sensors.

LCD Display
ZonePod has an easy to use, menu driven display, enabling you to not only view the sensor status conditions, but also to configure high / low thresholds (for temperature / humidity sensors), disable / enable the voice and SMS alerts and configure the universal sensor if used (normally open / normally closed.)

Voice & Text Alerts
ZonePod can be configured to send up to 10 voice and / or text messages for each alarm. ZonePod can send alarm specific alerts for sensors connected to ports 1, 2 and 3 and a group message for sensors attached to ports 4, 5 and 6. All alert messages can detail specific ZonePod location information. For example, text messages could read : Jacarta ZonePod, Comp Room 1, Air Conditioning Failure

Network Connectivity
Although primarily a network-independent device, our SNMP / web ethernet adaptor can be supplied with ZonePod for remote alarm status monitoring and Email alert notification.

Output Control
ZonePod has the capacity, via its output port, to trigger automatic actions when an alarm occurs. For instance, a water system could be shut off when a leak is detected, an electric heater could be switched on when a temperature drops below a certain level or emergency fans could be activated when an air conditioning unit fails. Alternatively, our flashing beacon and alarm siren option can be connected for remote visual/audible alerts for on-site personnel.

  • Monitors up to 6 environmental sensors in any combination
  • Wide range of sensors including temperature, humidity, smoke, water leak, power, security, air conditioning, fire panel, etc.
  • Voice messages or SMS text alerts can be sent to up to 10 recipients when an alarm occurs
  • 6 types of alarm message can detail site location and specific alarm information (user configurable)
  • Integrated LCD display shows sensor types connected and status
  • 'Alarm' and 'Normal' status LEDs for each sensor
  • Password protection for alert facility
  • Alarm restored messages to notify that conditions have returned to normal
  • Automatic daily line status reporting
  • High/low user configurable warning thresholds for temperature and humidity
  • Landline connection for fail-safe alerting

High and low warning and critical temperature thresholds can be configured in the ZonePod to ensure alarms are raised when room or rack conditions are abnormal.

High and low warning and critical humidity thresholds can be configured in the ZonePod to ensure alarms are raised when humidity levels stray outside of optimal conditions.

Water Leak
The interSeptor water leak sensor is supplied with 3m or 18m of leak detection cable. The cable can be run under air conditioning units, in ceiling voids, under raised floors, under pipes, and around room perimeters to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-install, leak detection facility.

The unique sensor connectivity design of the interSeptor facilitates installation and monitoring of the smoke detector, especially on ceilings. The cable connection need only be run from the temperature/humidity sensor which will typically already be installed at an elevated level.

The security sensor option is a magnetic reed contact sensor, ideal for monitoring rack or room door access.

The power sensor will detect the presence or otherwise of utility power.

The Universal sensor is an interface cable that can be connected to any device offering an open or closed or high/low output. interSeptor can monitor this output for changes in state and alarm accordingly. The Universal sensor can be connected to equipment such as generators, air conditioning units, printers, UPS, security systems, fire alarm systems, etc.

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