Power Monitoring

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Power Monitoring

Power monitoring solutions enable you to track power usage costs in order to help minimise power consumption over time. By monitoring power down to rack level, IT and Facilities personnel can obtain a much clearer understanding of the power usage within their server rooms and data centres, ensuring that optimal use of power can be achieved and costs minimised. Power monitoring will also help to ensure that failure and overload conditions are identified at the earliest possible opportunity in order to avert catastrophe.

interSeptor iMeter
Power & Environmental Monitoring
  • Comprehensive network-based monitoring device
  • Monitor up-to 496 x sensors from a single IP
  • Alerting via Email, SMS, Telephone Voice
  • Zero-downtime Power Monitoring
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Zero Downtime Current Sensor
  • Zero Downtime Power Monitoring
  • Clamps around 16/32A cables
  • Compatible with Jacarta iMeter
  • Provides True-RMS current reading

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IT Power Audit Kit
Spot-check Power Monitoring
  • Collect Voltage and current information
  • Zero-downtime
  • Supplied in rugged-flightcase

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Rack Power Sensor with PoE
  • Zero-downtime installation & configuration
  • Provides power usage information via SNMP
  • Cisco Energy Management Suite compatible

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