PowerZook – Rack Power Sensor with PoE for Data Centres & Server Rooms

PowerZook is a power sensor that can be installed without system downtime to provide rack input power readings via SNMP. PowerZook clips around the outside of rack input power cables to monitor the power draw of the rack equipment for loads of up to 32A. PowerZook provides a smart alternative to smart PDU’s where system downtime and/or higher costs are not viable options.

By providing users with power information down to rack level, PowerZook can play a vital role in helping to increase operational efficiency and reduce data centre energy costs. Power usage visibility for rack equipment can be provided where currently there is none.

Why PowerZook?
The huge challenge facing today’s Data Centre Managers is not only how to maintain system services and uptime on a 24×7 basis, but also how to achieve those goals whilst increasing efficiency and minimising costs. Installation of intelligent PDUs into legacy data centres is an obvious power monitoring option, but the potentially significant implementation costs together with highly expensive disruption to the business can make this option impractical. In addition, some managers may wish to keep the power monitoring and intelligence element of a PDU away from the PDU in order to minimise potential points-of-failure.

PowerZook provides a unique, alternative option to intelligent PDUs, giving Data Centre Managers greater choice when determining their power monitoring and management strategy. Since PowerZook can be installed into live environments, integration into an SNMP-based network or power management system can be completed with minimum fuss and minimal costs.

PowerZook is an unobtrusive, robust and durable sensor. Once installed, it is maintenance-free and, in the unlikely event that a swap-out is ever required, there will be no disruption to the network or power to the rack.

PowerZook - Quick and Easy Installation
PowerZook is installed onto the cable that it will be monitoring and configured using a simple laptop or netbook-driven browser interface. This software helps the installer to quickly calibrate the sensor on the cable. Advanced configuration can be carried out at that time or via the network. Once installed, PowerZook will make power usage data available to network management systems via SNMP and the web-browser interface. Power usage information delivered by PowerZook can be compared and analysed over time so that rack power can be managed as efficiently as possible.
  • Delivers power usage information via web-browser interface & SNMP
  • No downtime required for installation so can be installed in live environments
  • Facilitates identification of low power/power fail & near-overload/overload conditions
  • Compatible with SNMP-based Network Management Software
  • Assists with ISO50001 and ESOS compliance
  • Web browser interface for configuration and remote connectivity
  • Suitable for monitoring 3-core (live, neutral, earth) input power cables up to 32A (see specifications for full details)
  • PoE for easy network integration
  • Small, light, unobtrusive
  • Maintenance-free
  • Firmware available for integration into Cisco Energy Management Suite (PowerZook CEM)
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