intelliAmp - Zero Downtime Current Sensor for use with Jacarta iMeter

IT managers are now under increasing pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of their Data Centres and Server Rooms. Unfortunately the power monitoring tools currently available are not always practical to implement. Downtime typically needs to be scheduled and the failure of any of these devices can result in power loss to rack equipment.

The Jacarta intelliAmp power monitoring sensor is a superb new alternative to inline power monitoring devices. The intelliAmp simply clips around 16Amp and 32Amp cables to enable current draw of rack equipment to be monitored with zero downtime.

The intelliAmp's unique optimisation system helps to ensure that the sensor is ideally positioned to obtain accurate readings. Once in place no further maintenance or configuration is required. The small size of the intelliAmp ensures that it can be integrated unobtrusively into the IT environment.

Data can be collected from multiple intelliAmp sensors via a compatible monitoring device, such as interSeptor iMeter, via a Cat5E connection. The intelliAmp's design means it does not present an additional point of failure on the network.


The intelliAmp is compatible with the Jacarta iMeter Power & Environmental Monitoring Device. However a standalone version, the PowerZook, provides power usage data via SNMP for integration with third-party software.

The intelliAmp is also provided with the unique IT Power Audit Kit - a standalone toolkit that has been designed to provide managers of data centres and server rooms with a way to quickly and easily gather power usage information on a 'spot-check' basis.

  • True RMS current monitoring for optimal current readings
  • No downtime required for installation
  • Multiple sensors can be monitored from a single monitoring device
  • Small size means intelliAmp can be installed almost anywhere
  • No additional network point-of-failure
  • Monitors 16A and 32A Cables
  • Maintenance-free

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