IT Power Audit Kit – Quick and Easy Power Monitoring for Server Rooms and Data Centres

The IT Power Audit Kit (ITPAK) has been designed to provide managers of data centres and server rooms with a way to quickly and easily gather power usage information on a ‘spot-check’ basis.

This unique toolkit can help you to assess power usage where no inline monitoring devices are present. If your organisation has achieved ISO50001 or is looking to do so, or if you have your own energy management standards in place, the ITPAK should prove invaluable in helping  you to adhere to those standards moving forward.  No downtime or disruption to your computer network is required for power readings to be obtained.

What’s in the Case?

  • 1 x iProbeZoom Power Usage Data Reader and Calibration Tool
  • 1 x intelliAmp Current Sensor for 16A and 32A cables*
  • 1 x intelliVolt Voltage Sensor with power lead
  • 1 x RJ45 Cable to connect between intelliVolt or intelliAmp sensor
  • 1 x IEC cable to connect intelliVolt to mains socket
  • Full instructions on USB Flash Drive
  • Jacarta Multi-Location User License

The ITPAK can be used to assess the current draw of racks using 16 and 32 Amp power input cables (single phase, 3-core, max. 14mm diameter) and measure single phase voltages up to 265V.
By determining the power draw of your data racks you can establish a clear picture of energy usage within your IT environment, helping you to…

  • Identify inefficient equipment
  • Calculate indicative energy costs
  • Plan UPS system capacity
  • Quantify energy savings
  • Determine the ‘actual’ power draw of network equipment
  • Minimise the risk of power overload in your racks
  • Plan utilisation of spare rack space
  • Collect voltage and current readings for each of your racks
  • Build up a history of power usage across your data centre over time
  • Identify where potential power and cost savings can be made
  • No in-line sensors so no disruption to your network during data collection - intelliAmp current sensor uniquely clips to the outside of 16 and 32A cables*
  • Robust case so that you can preserve the kit and ensure it can be used time and time again
  • Cost-effective way of collecting power data which ultimately could save you $000’s
  • Easily portable for use on different sites


The remarkable intelliAmp Current Sensor has been designed to monitor the current draw of racks via 16A and 32A cables. The sensor contains a unique calibration mechanism to enable it to be positioned at the point where the optimal current reading can be obtained. The fact that the sensor simply clips to the cable means no network downtime is required to start monitoring your racks.The intelliAmp Sensor can be used to track power usage within racks over time to ensure consumption can be gradually reduced as equipment is upgraded. The sensor can allow users to make power usage comparisons between racks and identify the most and least expensive racks to run. By building up a picture of power consumption across the data centre down to rack level, IT personnel can start to effectively manage power usage going forward and make savings where possible.

The flexibility of the intelliAmp Sensor means it can also be used to identify the effect on power consumption of running fans in racks, for instance, or the power implications of running the data centre at a higher temperature. This may help to reduce air conditioning power consumption but may also result in internal fans working harder and an increased power usage in this area. The key point is that the intelliAmp will help you to understand what is happening with the power across your data centre and manage it more efficiently.

The intelliVolt voltage sensor simply connects into one of the iMeter sensor ports and plugs into a mains outlet. Voltage is monitored between 0 and 265v. High and Low threshold settings can be user configured on the iMeter to ensure alarm notification during over or under voltage conditions. Sample Description

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