How To: Integrate PowerZook Power Monitoring Sensors with PRTG

Jacarta PowerZooks can monitor your single phase basic or metered PDUs without incurring downtime for installation.

PowerZook uses SNMP (v1 & v3) to integrate with existing network management and smart cities/buildings’ systems such as PRTG by Paessler. This means PowerZook can be installed quickly and easily without the need for additional software. It also provides users with the ability to view and analyse power usage data from the PowerZook in conjunction with other sensors and systems.

PowerZook PRTG Integration

There are two ways to integrate PowerZook with your PRTG installation:

  • Manual Setup – add device and manually setup SNMP sensor using the supplied OIDs. Ideal for users installing less than 5 PowerZooks or those with specific integration requirements.
  • OIDLIB Setup – uses a PRTG OIDLIB file to allow for the fastest possible integration.

Download the integration guides and OIDLIB file below:

Further information about PowerZook:

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