Sensors for the Data Centre and Beyond

Sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, power, water leaks, smoke/fire, security, airflow, extreme temperature, UPS, generators, air-conditioning units, and more.

Jacarta is a Global Supplier of Remote Monitoring Devices and Sensors for Data Centres, Server Rooms, Smart Cities & Buildings, Retail, Storage, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Many Other Critical Environments

In situations where rooms are unmanned for any length of time, environmental and power problems can, if left unattended, result in significant downtime and cost.

PowerZook – Make Your Dumb PDUs Smart!

Jacarta PowerZook Pir

PowerZook is a power sensor that can be installed without system downtime to provide rack input power readings via SNMP. PowerZook clips around the outside of rack input power cables to monitor the power draw of the rack equipment for loads of up to 32A. PowerZook provides a smart alternative to smart PDU’s where system downtime and/or higher costs are not viable options.

Use PowerZook to identify...

  • Power failure
  • Unusual power usage patterns
  • How long equipment is in use or idle
  • Power usage
  • Equipment failure
  • Current overload conditions
  • Cable/wiring faults
Cisco Solutions

Alert Centre Global

Our unique Alert Centre Global solution provides you with telephone (voice) alerts, SMS alerts and email alerts for one, low-cost annual payment.

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