The Jacarta product range is separated into three main categories:
Protect your IT
Infrastructure from
Environmental Disaster
Remotely watch over your critical IT areas and receive alerts (Email, SMS, SNMP, etc.) in the event of air-conditioning failure, water ingress, security breaches, high or low humidity levels, fire and a whole host of other potential threats to your hardware and data.

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Monitor, Manage and Reduce
Power Usage
& Energy Costs
Rack level power monitoring provides the information needed to optimise power usage and reduce energy costs. Power monitoring will also help to ensure that failure and overload conditions are identified at the earliest possible opportunity in order to avert catastrophe.

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Software, Services
& Sensors
Customised Alerting,
Central Management Software and
Additional Sensors
Enhance the capabilities of your Jacarta monitoring solutions by utilising our management and alerting solutions. Monitor numerous devices from a single dashboard and receive alerts to potential problems via unique escalation procedures.

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