Go-Probe Sensors – Environmental Sensors for Server Rooms, Racks and Data Centres

In addition to the temperature/humidity sensors supplied with our monitoring products it is possible to add other sensors to increase your monitoring coverage and help avoid Data Centre disaster.

Water Leak Detector
Water detectors are supplied with a 3m or 18m water leak detection cable. The leak detection cable will cause an alarm when water touches any part of the cable. An audible alarm is available on request and is supplied with a 12v power supply. Further information can be found here.

Smoke Sensor
This is an ionisation smoke detection system, it is supplied with a 12v power supply for connection to a mains power socket.

Power Sensor
The power sensor can be connected to a mains power socket to monitor for power failure. We recommend that the interSeptor, interSeptor Pro or PowerFox8 are supplied by a UPS and this sensor connected to a non-UPS mains power socket.

Security Sensor
Security sensors can be used to detect unauthorised access or simply if a door/window has been left open.
interSeptor, interSeptor Pro and PowerFox8 security sensor

Universal/Dry Contact Sensor
Universal sensors can be used to monitor any normally open / closed output such as those provided by UPS, air conditioners, BMS devices, security alarm panels, generators, fire alarm panels, etc.

Other sensors available include:

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • PIR Motion
  • Vibration
  • Natural Gas
  • Airflow

All sensors are supplied with a 4m or 18m interface cable though customer cable lengths are available on request.

Sensor specifications can be downloaded here:

interSeptor and interSeptor Pro Sensor Specifications

iMeter and iMeter Lite Sensor Specifications

  • Easy-to-install and configure
  • 2-year swap-out warranty
  • Compatible with all Jacarta devices
  • Custom sensor interface cable lengths available

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