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Sensor Specifications

We have recently updated our sensor specifications documents to include some new additions to the range. You can view the new documents here:

interSeptor and interSeptor Pro Sensor Specifications

iMeter and iMeter Lite Sensor Specifications

Two recent additions to the range are a brand-new smoke detector and a temperature sensor for use with the iMeter hardware that is suitable for use in fridges, freezers and more extreme environments.


Virtual Sensors – What They are and How to Use Them

The iMeter and iMeter Lite have a Virtual Sensor functionality. This allows you to monitor networked equipment and send alerts in the event of potential threats/downtime. They can be used in a number ways but here are three typical uses:

SNMPGet – if you have SNMP enabled hardware then the virtual sensor function can be used to collect data. For example, by collecting data from your UPS you could receive alerts in the event of On Battery, Power Failure or Fault conditions.

Ping Task – receive an alert immediately if any of your network hardware becomes unreachable. This is especially useful for equipment that is not in constant use as a problem could go undetected for some time until it is required.

Boolean – this function is slightly different in that it can provide users with warnings if various other sensors enter pre-determined states at the same time. For example, if one temperature sensor breaches a high warning, but not critical, threshold then you might only want an email alert to be sent. However, if three temperature sensors all enter a high warning state at the same time you may want it to be treated as a critical condition despite none of the individual sensors breaching a critical threshold. Using the notification and alerting matrix this could then trigger an additional alert such as a phone call or SMS text message.

Power Monitoring Sensors - "Is it possible to monitor the current flowing through a single phase 2/3-core cable?"

Whilst most engineers would say ‘No, that can’t be done’, we can say ‘Yes, we can do it’. Our unique PowerZook and intelliAmp sensors clamp around 3-core power cables and provide current data without the need the need to cut cables and isolate wires.

Are you interested in monitoring your power usage with zero downtime for installation? Please click here to find out more.

PowerZook Base Angled

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