PYXIS DCIM Lite Central Monitoring Software – Top Tips & Features

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software is used to collect and present information from IT infrastructure and facilities equipment in order to allow users to monitor and manage their business-critical systems. However, these fully-blown DCIM solutions can be extremely expensive to purchase and maintain. Our PYXIS DCIM Lite software offers an alternative that we think could provide a perfect solution for many IT managers.

The Jacarta PYXIS DCIM Lite Monitoring Software can help your IT and infrastructure monitoring to the next level.

Please see below our Top Tips for maximising your PYXIS DCIM Lite install:

  1. Use customised maps with icons representing equipment and/or sensors to quickly identify where a problem may have occurred. Icons can be configured to change colour when the particular piece of hardware is in an alarm state - for example if it becomes unreachable on the network or a sensor breaches a temperature threshold.

  1. Add escalation procedures and alarm scheduling when configuring notifications. This helps ensure the right personnel are informed about any threats that matter most to them. For example, high-temperatures alarms can be sent to IT-staff via email during the day but can be sent via SMS text message to on-site security staff outside of office hours. If an alert is not responded to within a certain amount users can add escalation procedures and send alerts to different contacts or via different methods.

  1. Don't stop at adding your Jacarta monitoring devices - PYXIS can integrate with many onsite systems via SNMP and/or Modbus TCP. Typical integrations include SNMP-enabled UPS Systems, BMS Systems, AC Units, Generators and Rectifiers. It is also possible to ping any other network hardware so that an alert can be sent in the event of hardware downtime.

  1. Customise 'desktops' in order to quickly and easily view relevant information. For a multi-site install users may have a master desktop showing a complete system overview with further desktops for each location showing relevant maps, gauges, graphs and IP camera feeds.

  1. ONVIF IP cameras can be integrated into the software and incorporated into the customised maps. Footage can be stored locally to review at any time & cameras can be set to record in the event of an alarm condition such as a security breach or environmental alarm.

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