PYXIS DCIM Lite – Data Centre Monitoring and Management Software

PYXIS is a powerful monitoring application that enables Data Centre Managers to collect, record, display and analyse critical performance data from IT infrastructure and facilities equipment. PYXIS has been designed to offer many of the key benefits of a full-blown Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution but at a fraction of the cost.

PYXIS uses SNMP and/or Modbus TCP to monitor…

  • UPS Systems
  • BMS Systems
  • Air-conditioning Units
  • Generators and Rectifiers
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Power Usage
  • IT Equipment Availability

PYXIS can also integrate seamlessly with ONVIF-compatible IP Cameras (for surveillance monitoring) and with the Jacarta iMeter Monitoring System (for power and environmental monitoring).

PYXIS’ flexible and intuitive Dashboard interface provides users with the ability to quickly and easily identify the status of connected equipment, thus providing the information needed to monitor and manage business-critical systems effectively. The fully customisable ‘desktop’ can be configured to display preferred combinations of maps, graphs and IP camera feeds to give users the ability to see an overview of their network infrastructure from a single screen. Multiple ‘desktops’ can be created to focus on particular locations or areas of the infrastructure.

Icons representing connected hardware can be easily created and positioned to provide an ‘image’ of infrastructure layout that is representative of your actual data centre or server room environment enabling you to quickly locate problems. For example, icons highlighted red may represent a non-responsive switch or a PDU where the load has exceeded a user-defined threshold. A host of analysis tools are available within PYXIS to enable users to track key trends and to help identify where improvements in operational efficiency can be achieved. By using these tools you can...

  • Calculate PUE figures
  • Identify environmental trends
  • Calculate network uptime
  • Analyse response time to potential problems
  • Appraise hardware reliability
  • Analyse room and rack activity within monitored locations
PYXIS Alerting

PYXIS contains a powerful alert-management interface that enables notification routing to be tailored to all types of organisational requirements. PYXIS can alert users to problems via:

  • Local on-screen alerts
  • Email (including sending images captured by connected IP Cameras)
  • Alarm Beacon
  • Automatic SNMPset commands
  • SMS text messages & automated telephone voice calls (using optional modem)
The alerting matrix allows customised alerts to be sent to key personnel only when required. For example, if a UPS problem is experienced outside of office hours an alert can be sent directly to on-call staff. Users can also define custom escalation procedures helping to ensure that any threats to network infrastructure are dealt with before any serious problems are caused.
  • Central monitoring of IT infrastructure via SNMP and Modbus TCP
  • Visual map-based monitoring and control
  • Quick and easy ‘drill-down’ alarm analysis
  • Flexible alert management
  • Alerts via Email, SMS & automated telephone voice calls (using optional modem), audio visual alarm beacon and automated SNMPset commands
  • IP camera integration
  • Optional SQL database integration for use with large numbers of connected sensors (recommended for 1000+ sensors)
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