Cisco Live Orlando

We recently attended the 'Cisco Live' event in Orlando where we displayed our new PowerZook single phase power sensor for the first time. We were part of Cisco's Digital Building Village and Jacarta PowerZooks were deployed on each of the PDU's that were being used to power each of the partner Pods.


This enabled Cisco to monitor the power usage across the Village using their Kinetic platform for Smart Cities and Buildings. The PowerZooks were integrated with Kinetic using SNMP. Here's a snapshot of the power readings…rows 1 and 3 show the power usage of the Cisco switches (monitored directly by Kinetic) and rows 2 and 4 show all the PowerZook readings:

So what is PowerZook?

PowerZook is a PoE, IoT power sensor that can be installed to monitor 16A and 32A single-phase power cables in server room racks without disruption to your network or downtime. The key benefits of the PowerZook are:

  • Quickly obtain power data for analysis where other power monitoring options aren't available
  • Identify isolated power failure conditions
  • Identify potential current overload conditions
  • Identify higher than normal current levels that may be due to a cable/wiring problem or faulty connected equipment

Further product information is available here.

PowerZook Base

If you would like further PowerZook information, or have any current power monitoring requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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