How To Monitor Network Equipment

By monitoring your networked devices you can be alerted to potential problems quickly and effectively allowing you to take remedial action and keep network downtime to a minimum.

The Jacarta iMeter &  iMeter-Lite both have a Virtual Sensor feature that allows the device to collect data from other devices via SNMP or Modbus or check availability by pinging devices. The iMeter has the capacity for up to 80 x virtual sensors and the iMeter Lite has a maximum of 40, all of which utilise the same central notification system as physical sensors, meaning that alerts can be sent via Email, SNMP, SMS, Alarm Beacon/Sounder & Relay Output. Typical uses include:

  • Gathering environmental data from other Jacarta devices to create a central monitoring and alerting hub
  • Integrating existing SNMP-enabled systems such as UPS, VESDA and AC Units in order to monitor their status from a central location and utilise the devices alerting systems in the event of a problem
  • Pinging network hardware such as Servers, Switches, Printers, etc.  so that alerts can be sent out in the event of downtime

Monitoring for Server Rooms – iMeter Lite

Monitoring for Data Centres – iMeter

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