Data Centre and Server Room Water Leak Detection – Top Tips

Though temperature and humidity conditions are often the first parameters IT Managers look to monitor, feedback from our worldwide customer-base suggests that the next biggest environmental threat to data centre and server room uptime is water ingress. Water leaks are particularly dangerous in Server Rooms and Data Centres as they can go unnoticed for long periods of time until they cause catastrophic damage.

Please see below our top tips for deploying an effective water detection solution:

Use multiple sensors in different zones to quickly ascertain leak location

By using multiple sensors and naming them appropriately in the web-browser interface of your Jacarta device you can quickly locate where a leak has occurred. This is especially useful when using the sensor under raised floors.

Think ‘Up’ as well as ‘Down’

Whilst most leaks are likely to materialise at ground level (or even below in the case of basement IT installations) it is possible to detect leaks on top of dropped/suspended ceilings or in drip-trays located under wall/ceiling mounted AC units.

Thoroughly analyse where potential leaks may occur

The most common application for our water detection sensors is underneath AC units that are susceptible to leaks. However, it is important to ensure you cover other potential threats such as existing pipework, heating systems, kitchens, toilets and areas that may be likely to flood first in the event of extreme weather conditions (by doors/windows)

Maximise sensor coverage by using a ‘snaking’ installation method

The Jacarta water leak sensor cable is approximately 7mm in diameter and is highly-flexible. By installing the sensor in a ‘snaking’ shape (see below image) the area covered by the water detector is far greater than that offered by spot-leak detectors and thicker less-flexible sensors.

Water Monitoring Install
Pick the alerting method that works for your organisation

Your water detection solution is only effective if the alerts generated by it are received and acted upon by the relevant personnel. Jacarta devices can provide alerts via a variety of methods including Email, SMS Text Message, Telephone Voice Call, Local Alarm Beacon & SNMP Traps. You can also connect to existing third-party alarm management systems. Use numerous methods to provide fail-safe alerting.

Once you have successfully installed your water detection solution it is important to regularly test the entire system – from sensor through to alerting – to ensure that you are alerted to water ingress before it’s too late!

All Jacarta monitoring devices are compatible with our cost-effective water detection sensors so please don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have a water leak detection requirement.

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