interSeptor for Server Rooms, IT Rooms and Offices

interSeptor is an environmental monitoring device designed for remotely monitoring temperature and humidity conditions, and for detecting security breaches, smoke, water leaks and power loss in data centers, IT and comms rooms.

Designed for ‘out-of-the-box’ operation, interSeptor is supplied with a temperature and humidity sensor as standard, and a range of optional Go-Probe sensors are also available.

interSeptor is a versatile 10/100Mbps ethernet environmental monitoring device. With a total capacity to monitor 2 x temperature, 2 x humidity and 4 x additional Go-Probe sensors (water, security, power, smoke), interSeptor provides an exceptional range of features, and its scaleable design ensures you can achieve an extremely cost-effective solution to your monitoring requirements.

Need more sensors? The interSeptor Pro has capacity for up-to 24 x Temperature/Humidity Sensors and 48 x Go-Probe Sensors. Find Out More


interSeptor is a full-featured, scaleable network environmental monitoring device designed to remotely monitor temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions in data centres, IT rooms and racks. Email and SNMP alerts are available as standard, but combined with our unique Alert Centre facility, interSeptor can also provide automated telephone voice and text alerts 24/7 to give early-warning of impending computer room problems.

Further Information

Designed for ‘out-of-the-box’ operation, interSeptor is supplied with a dual temperature/humidity sensor, with a second temperature/humidity sensor available also. A range of optional ‘Go-Probe’ sensors to detect security breaches, power failures, smoke and water leaks can also be quickly added to the interSeptor system to provide comprehensive monitoring of your critical environments.

interSeptor is supplied with a temperature/humidity sensor as standard with 2m interface cable. 2 x optional Go-Probe sensors can be connected to the temperature/humidity sensor and monitored via the interSeptor. interSeptor also has the capacity to monitor an additional temperature/humidity sensor.

A further 2 x Go-Probe sensors can also then be connected. Our unique interSeptor design ensures cabling runs for smoke, water, security and power sensors can be minimised. Various interface cable lengths are available as required.

  • Temperature/humidity sensor and 2 x Go-Probe sensor ports as standard
  • Monitoring via web browser interface and/or network management system
  • User configurable high/low warning and critical temperature/humidity thresholds
  • Optional Go-Probe Sensors (water, smoke, security, power) can be quickly connected
  • Email/SNMP alarm notification
  • Daily status reporting
  • Automated Voice and SMS text alarm notification via Jacarta Alert Centre (please click here for country compatibility and more information).
  • Extensive on-board logging/graphing capability
  • Comprehensive browser interface
  • SNMP compliant for network management system integration. MIB available
  • Serial, telnet, browser configuration options
  • BootP, DHCP
  • Alarm scheduling facility so that alerts can be enabled/disabled as required
  • 2 year swap-out warranty
  • 19" Optional rack kit available
  • Free lifetime email and telephone support
High and low warning and critical temperature and humidity thresholds can be configured in the interSeptor to ensure alarms are raised when room or rack conditions are abnormal. The hysteresis configuration facility ensures that alarms are not continually triggered when levels are ‘floating’ around the configured thresholds.

Water Leak
The interSeptor water leak sensor is supplied with 3m or 18m of leak detection cable. The cable can be run under air conditioning units, in ceiling voids, under raised floors, under pipes, and around room perimeters to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-install, leak detection facility.

The unique sensor connectivity design of the interSeptor facilitates installation and monitoring of the smoke detector, especially on ceilings. The cable connection need only be run from the temperature/humidity sensor which will typically already be installed at an elevated level.

The security sensor option is a magnetic reed contact sensor, ideal for monitoring rack or room door access.

The power sensor will detect the presence or otherwise of utility power.

The Universal sensor is an interface cable that can be connected to any device offering an open or closed or high/low output. interSeptor can monitor this output for changes in state and alarm accordingly. The Universal sensor can be connected to equipment such as generators, air conditioning units, printers, UPS, security systems, fire alarm systems, etc.
interSeptor is an SNMP v1 device and will therefore integrate with many NMS programs available.

PRTG by Paessler currently includes interSeptor and interSeptor Pro 8, 16 and 24 port templates that can be used to automatically add an interSeptor or interSeptor Pro and all of its Temperature and Humidity sensors.

SNMPc by Castle Rock currently includes interSeptor and interSeptor Pro MIBs for quick and easy Jacarta Temperature and Humidity device integration.

WhatsUp Gold by Ipswitch currently includes interSeptor and interSeptor Pro MIBs for quick and easy Jacarta Temperature and Humidity device integration.

We can provide the command and configuration file to monitor the interseptor with Nagios to integrate Temperature and Humidity values. Please contact us if you require these files.

We can provide a generic configuration file for MRTG to collect Temperature and Humidity values from an interSeptor. Please contact us if you require this file.

Mutiny by Mutiny Ltd. currently includes interSeptor, interSeptor Pro, interSeptor iMeter, PowerFox8 and SP8 MIBs for quick and easy Jacarta Sensor integration.

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