CONUNDRUM NOW SOLVED!… How to monitor your rack power when smart PDU’s are not an option

The Conundrum: How to remotely monitor the power consumption of your rack equipment without the disruption and downtime associated with implementing smart PDU’s?

The Solution: Our unique new PowerZook sensor! Quick and easy to install with zero downtime required, PowerZook can provide you with energy usage information to enable you to understand and start to take control of your rack energy costs.

PowerZook builds upon the technology used in our revolutionary intelliAmp current probe and simply clamps around the outside of standard 16/32A single-phase power cables. After a brief calibration process, the sensor will provide power usage information to any SNMP-enabled NMS or directly to the Cisco Energy Management Suite.

So, whether you are looking to take control of your energy consumption, trying to conform with ESOS regulations or looking to manage your ISO50001 processes effectively, PowerZook could be the perfect addition to your power monitoring armoury!

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