How To Visually Identify Server Room Threats and Environmental Trends

The iMeter Lite provides users with the ability to easily monitor sensors – both physical and virtual – and receive alerts in the event of a problem. By utilising the custom 'Workspaces', users can also easily check current status and historical data at-a-glance. These workspaces are easy to create, with items being easily positioned and resized on screen.

The use of gauges within your iMeter Lite workspace allows you to keep an eye on all of your connected sensors. The below screenshot shows at a glance the temperature in 4 racks (along with an overall temperature button that will change colour should any of the temperatures reach a High Critical threshold), the overall power draw of the racks, the temperature in two remote locations and the status of a network switch.

iM Lite Gauges

Graphing can be incorporated in the workspace setup to provide an easy to digest view of your historical data. The graphs themselves are customisable – in the below screenshot the top graph shows data collected over 1 month, the middle shows 1 week of data and the bottom shows the previous 24 hours. You can also choose custom date ranges. The graphs also change colour to denote when a sensor enters a certain threshold range with the top graphing showing that the temperature entered a low warning state for 5 consecutive nights during the last month.

iM Lite Graphs

Whilst the above examples show the graphs and gauges grouped together by type we often see users grouping the information by room so they can quickly check current and historical data of one location per workspace as seen below:

iM Lite Location

You can read more about the iMeter Lite HERE

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