How To Define Your Server Room Temperature/Humidity Alarm Thresholds

Jacarta monitoring solutions are designed to effectively monitor temperature (and many other conditions) in critical IT locations and alert users when alarm threshold settings are breached.

The user-defined thresholds chosen will depend on many factors including the design of your IT environment and the type of equipment housed within. You may wish to follow recognised guidelines such as those provided by ASHRAE – a .pdf can be found here . ASHRAE recommend an operating temperature of 18-32°C and a humidity level of 40-60%* within server rooms.

Whilst these conditions are, of course, optimal, they can be difficult to maintain in some circumstances. What we would suggest is that you run your device and sensors in-situ for a few days and note the typical peaks and troughs and then set your thresholds around these. It is always best to set thresholds cautiously so that you will receive too many warnings rather than miss a potential problem!

Another factor affecting sensor threshold settings is the physical location of the sensors. In this news article we investigated sensor placement and found that in the test rack in a non air-conditioned environment, there was a 9.5°C difference in temperature between the bottom and top of the rack. Clearly these sensors would require different thresholds in order to effectively send an alert should a problem occur.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team for advice.

  • ASHRAE recommended levels as of June 2016

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