Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Sensors

Water Leak Detection in Critical Environments is an Absolute Necessity – in Data Centres,
Server Rooms, Offices and Beyond!

  • High-quality UK-manufactured sensors
  • Simple to install – lay the cable where protection is required and connect to your chosen monitoring solution via a 2-pin dry-contact connection
  • Custom-made to suit your requirements – choose leak detection cable length (up to 30m), interface cable length and connection type
  • Fully reusable – simply wipe down with a clean, dry cloth after contact with liquids

Two solution options are available:

  • Universal Water Detection Sensor
  • Water Leak Detection with Remote Monitoring & Alerting

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Other sensors available include:

Temperature, Humidity, Power, Security, Smoke, Airflow

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Universal Water Detection Sensor

Maximise the potential of your existing monitoring solutions with the addition of the Universal Water Detection Sensor. The sensor is a “rope” type water leak detector that can connect to most monitoring systems via a simple dry contact connection. An alarm can then be triggered when the presence of water is detected. The sensor can be located anywhere where there is the potential for water leaks, in particular underneath air-conditioning units or around the perimeter of a room where water ingress is likely.

Installation is extremely straight-forward: simply lay the leak detection cable in the area where you want to detect the water and connect it to your monitoring solution using the 2-pin dry-contact connectors.

Please see the below video for further information about our water leak detection sensors and our interSeptor & interSeptor Pro remote monitoring and alerting products:

Water Leak Detection with Remote Monitoring & Alerting

By remotely monitoring your leak detection solution you have the power to prevent a leak becoming a flood. Our network-based monitoring devices – including the interSeptor, interSeptor Pro and iMeter – allow users to view sensor status anywhere where internet connectivity is available. Better still, you can be alerted to potential problems via email as standard and by SMS text & telephone voice (using the Alert Centre service).

Following the brief configuration using the easy-to-use web-browser interface, the device will silently monitor your critical location for water leaks. As soon as water is detected an alert can be emailed to multiple recipients. The email will also contain useful information such as the name of the sensor that has generated the alert (for example, ‘Under AC – Room 2’) and when the alert was triggered.

Server Room Water Leak