MGM Advantage
"Following some local area power outages, our Jacarta devices have been well tested recently! Our main electricity circuit was faulty, the contractors were unable to get the part quickly and we ended up running on generator for two months.  Not only did the Jacarta device and the alert centre inform us of the initial problem; it also enabled a very tired IT team to get some sleep at night for nearly two months! And it was over Christmas time!"

Steve Bishop

Mobbis Mobile Solutions

"A voluminous package was delivered at the doorstep of our office. Unpacking the parcel revealed yet another box and a number of neatly packaged, clearly labelled, envelopes. It was obvious that no transport damages would ever happen to the equipment inside this "airbag" of packaging. After unpacking we were ready to install and test. We followed the short and well written Quick Installation Guide and after less than five minutes the system was fully functional and well integrated into our network. After ten minutes more, Email and SNMP settings, as well as all the threshold levels of the connected sensors, were configured and (of course) all this worked right away. The remaining task was to test the SMS alerts sent out from a connected GSM Modem. It was no problem for the interSeptor Pro device. In short we are very pleased with the way this product has behaved during testing."

Lars Kafton

Thyssen Krupp

"We have always found the Jacarta interSeptor to be extremely reliable and effective."

Gary Cleasby

Axiom HA

"The alert centre is a godsend, it's not been used in anger as yet (thankfully!), but worked perfectly under testing, so we are fully confident everything is working and configured correctly should it ever be called into service!"

Adrian Thompson

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