How To: Monitor Single Phase 2/3-core Cables (And Quickly Monitor Hard-Wired Equipment & Dumb PDUs!)

Is it possible to monitor the current flowing through a single phase 2/3-core cable? 

Most people would answer no; the current running through the live and neutral wires within the cable would effectively cancel each other out – the cancellation effect. If you are using traditional non-invasive clamp meters they’d be right. The readings you get will be zero (or very close to zero). For those sensors to work accurately you’d need to modify/cut/isolate the live wire to clamp around.

However, using our unique technology we have created two non-invasive power monitoring sensors which can provide you with current usage information when simply clamped around 16/32A single-phase 3-core cables. Not only can you now monitor these cables but you can also do it without any downtime for installation!

These sensors are the PowerZook and the intelliAmp:


PowerZook is a standalone sensor which provides energy usage data to your SNMP-compatible NMS via the network. It is powered via any PoE switch and after a brief calibration process will provide power usage information to your NMS.

PowerZook for Data Centres, Server Rooms & Smart Cities – Read more 

INTELLIAMP – iMeter Compatible Power Sensor

intelliAmp works in conjunction with our iMeter monitoring device to provide power usage information. The iMeter is also compatible with environmental monitoring sensors allowing users to combine power usage and environmental data for analysis purposes.

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