Monitor Multiple Rooms From a Single Dashboard – Most companies will have numerous rooms within their premises where effective monitoring is required to ensure business continuity. In order to make monitoring these locations as efficient as possible, it is often desirable to view and manage the collected data from a single dashboard.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint By Deploying Data Centre Sensors – In the wake of ‘Earth Day 2019’, we’ve been looking at how DC and server room monitoring products can help users to minimise the impact that their business has on the environment. The IT industry is one of the most power-hungry sectors with some estimates stating that 20% of the energy produced by 2025 will be used for Data Centre operations.

The Sensors Powering Smart Cities and Buildings – The true test of the success of any smart city or building is ultimately the benefits derived from the data. But through the constant development of the sensors that power them it is now easier than ever to gather accurate and reliable data quickly and easily.

Warehouse Environment Monitoring – Jacarta monitoring solutions are most often used in critical IT environments. However their range of features make them suitable for use in a wide-range of locations such as warehouses and production facilities. Whilst there are, of course, many differences in the way in which the different locations operate, the environmental risks are often similar with high/low temperature & humidity, water leaks, power failure & security breaches all likely to cause issues.

How To Visually Identify Server Room Threats and Environmental Trends – The iMeter Lite provides users with the ability to easily monitor sensors – both physical and virtual – and receive alerts in the event of a problem. By utilising the custom ‘Workspaces’, users can also easily check current status and historical data at-a-glance. These workspaces are easy to create, with items being easily positioned and resized on screen.

How To Send Effective Server Room Alerts – Installing an environmental monitoring system is the first step towards protecting your critical IT environments. However, in order for the system to save you from data centre disaster, there must be effective alerting procedures in place to enable you to react quickly to potential threats to avoid network downtime.

How To Monitor Network Equipment – By monitoring your networked devices you can be alerted to potential problems quickly and effectively allowing you to take remedial action and keep network downtime to a minimum.

How To Monitor Extreme Temperatures – By combining sensors designed for monitoring extreme temperatures with our iMeter and iMeter Lite devices, users are able to accurately monitor temperature conditions in fridges and freezers whilst ensuring alerts are sent in the event of alarm conditions.

How To Define Server Room Temperature Thresholds – Jacarta monitoring solutions are designed to effectively monitor temperature (and many other conditions) in critical IT locations and alert users when alarm threshold settings are breached.

How To Install Server Room Water Leak Detection – We have a number of water leak detection solutions which you can read more about here. However, how do you make sure that your water detection solution is as effective as possible, giving you the best chance of avoiding data centre disaster!?

How To Monitor a Single Phase 3-core Cable – Is it possible to monitor the current flowing through a single phase 2/3-core cable? Most people would answer no. However, using our unique technology we have created two non-invasive power monitoring sensors which can provide you with current usage information when simply clamped around 16/32A single-phase 3-core cables.

How To Monitor AC Power Usage – Monitoring the power consumption of your Aircon unit (or any other hard wired equipment) can be difficult. But did you know you could monitor the current flowing through a single phase 2/3-core cable without downtime and cable modification?

Where Should I Locate Temperature & Humidity Sensors in my Server Room or Data Centre? – Where Should I Locate Temperature & Humidity Sensors in my Server Room or Data Centre? It’s a question that we are often asked by our customers and whilst the location will depend largely on the specific installation and user requirements, we’ve put together this short article to share some of the knowledge we have built up over the years.