How To Monitor a Single Phase 3-core Cable

How To Monitor a Single Phase 3-core Cable

Is it possible to monitor the current flowing through a single phase 2/3-core cable? 

Most people would answer no; the current running through the live and neutral wires within the cable would effectively cancel each other out – the cancellation effect. If you are using traditional non-invasive clamp meters they’d be right. The readings you get will be zero (or very close to zero). For those sensors to work accurately you’d need to modify/cut/isolate the live wire to clamp around.

However, using our unique technology we have created two non-invasive power monitoring sensors which can provide you with current usage information when simply clamped around 16/32A single-phase 3-core cables. Not only can you now monitor these cables but you can also do it without any downtime for installation!

These sensors are the PowerZook and the intelliAmp:

PowerZook is a standalone sensor which provides energy usage data to your SNMP-compatible NMS via the network. It is powered via any PoE switch and after a brief calibration process will provide power usage information to your NMS.

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